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RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTURE Our mission is to design comfortable, durable, healthy & energy efficient buildings. We posses big experience on new constructions and also on retrofit projects that start with schematic design and are taken through construction documents, bidding, permitting, construction administration and post-construction monitoring. Our first priority is to understand and transform from paper to reality, the client’s goals, by listening to design expectations as well as economics and scheduling needs. Thus our team is open to creative ideas and work on translating those ideas into the reality of a successful building. Our buildings are fit into the neighborhood and/or traditional style as well as meet our client’s unique aesthetic design. Well-designed buildings should not just be beautiful, but also extra functional, and it is important to us that the space enclosed within the building is used effectively. To that end, we cooperate on every process stage with our clients to develop a program and fine-tune their spatial needs to create spaces that are both beautiful and comfortable.

Recent News

We are currently designing geo-thermic systems to utilize the heating/cooling power that can be transferred from underground into the building's systems.

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Real Estate for ex-patriots

Great opportunities exist for ex-patriots that wish to obtain a European Visa by acquiring residences in Greece. With the lowest prices in Europe, Greece offers the privilege to become a European Union citizen.



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