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COMMERCIAL Office buildings, warehouses and retail buildings form a significant part of the urban landscape, subconsciously influencing our everyday stimuli. Modern office space must provide more than a place to work. A contemporary workspace must convey a message of responsible corporate citizenry and identity. We believe an environmentally sustainable building offers high quality and healthy atmosphere which is translated into higher productivity, while operating costs remain at a low level. Our experienced team is focused on the generation of creative ideas, fully adapting the customer's requirements. Comfort and smart design distinguish our commercial buildings. ﷯



Athens, Greece, 25 Areos street, 15127

tel/fax 0030-2108046677

Real Estate for ex-patriots

Great opportunities exist for ex-patriots that wish to obtain a European Visa by acquiring residences in Greece. With the lowest prices in Europe, Greece offers the privilege to become a European Union citizen.


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We are currently designing geo-thermic systems to utilize the heating/cooling power that can be transferred from underground into the building's systems.