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From the future... to the present: innovative gas stations


GAS STATIONS and more We envision the future generation of gas stations as unique creations that identify the urban area, adapting to the surroundings, without disrupting the environment but on the contrary adding an aesthetic, futuristic touch to the neighborhood/city/area. Functionality is a prerequisite, but aesthetics is the mission we have set ourselves in order to ensure excellent visibility from customers even from half a kilometer away, excellent accessibility through convenient ingress and egress and adequate space to accomodate the respective residential density, depending on the location selected. Brand identity and public image recognition are also very important factors that our experienced team takes into consideration. ﷯

Real Estate for ex-patriots

Great opportunities exist for ex-patriots that wish to obtain a European Visa by acquiring residences in Greece. With the lowest prices in Europe, Greece offers the privilege to become a European Union citizen.


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Recent News

We are currently designing geo-thermic systems to utilize the heating/cooling power that can be transferred from underground into the building's systems.