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Architecture & more...

Restoration of buildings

RENOVATIONS AND RESTORATIONS Renovations and restorations comprise a significant portion of our work. Expertise is a prerequisite, in order to resurrect the building's historical features and recapture its old atmosphere. To evoke the memories of the ones that have lived that historical era, but also to stimulate the newest generation's imagination regarding an era long gone, architectural expertise and knowledge of history is necessary. Apart from historical legacy restoration works, our team is also fully capable of transforming an obsolete building/space/room into a high-end construction, either for commercial or for residential use. Renovating requires passion, ideas and imagination, combined with high cost control and the most cutting-edge materials in order to meet customer demands.

Real Estate for ex-patriots

Great opportunities exist for ex-patriots that wish to obtain a European Visa by acquiring residences in Greece. With the lowest prices in Europe, Greece offers the privilege to become a European Union citizen.


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Recent News

We are currently designing geo-thermic systems to utilize the heating/cooling power that can be transferred from underground into the building's systems.